Senin, 27 Mei 2013

Breastpump Review part 1

Okei..lets make it short, because i'm a breastpump addict (okay this addiction sounds weird for most of people i know, but pardon me i'm a breastefeeding working mother who really depends on this kind of "GADGET" to fullfill my daughters needs of mommy's milk :D)

Unimom Allegro

This is my very fist breastpump, actually mine is not in the picture, mine is old version of allegro, but since i have the new one too, so lets reviewing the new one


  • Very lightweight
  • Able to operate as dual pump (just buy the additional kit)
  • Able to operate without electricity
  • Battery already inside the machine, and rechagreable, and it will recharge automatically even if you are still pumping
  • have 2 phase level, level 1-3 to create and LDR (Let Down Reflect), level 4-7 for more suction power after LDR come
  • Suction also soft, but strong
  • Complete with silicone petal massager in the funnel, for more comfort
  • BPA Free material
  • Closed System Breastpumps
  • Comes with affordable price (around IDR 780-850k)

  • Too many parts need to put and clean
  • Like other electric breastpumps, the suction power will slow down after 200 hours of usage
  • Bit noisy, but the noise will dissapear after you hid the machine under the pillow LOL

I love this breastpumps alot, it can "empty" my milk, and the suction also very soft so it won't hurt your boobies :D

Medela Swing


  • Silent
  • Lightweight
  • able to operate without electricity
  • Have 2 phase of suction and if you not change the level, it will automatically turn into deep suction mode
  • Minimalist parts, not like unimom nor avent
  • Can be used as dual pumps with some modification :D
  • BPA Free materials


  • This breastpump using AA batteries if you want to use it without electricity
  • No petal massager infront of the funnel
  • still not closed system, which means the breastmilk can go down from the hose trough to the machine
  • Bit Pricey (around IDR 1500-1800 k )
I used this breastpumps as dual pumps (with modification of course) and satisfied enough with the result

to be continued..time to go home :D

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